Retail Banking

Energy Management Solutions for Retail Banking


Most retail banks face the same challenge: how to continuously improve efficiency ratios while dealing with a volatile interest rate environment, changes in industry regulations, plummeting customer satisfaction rates and increased competition. The turbulent financial marketplace has forced banks to adopt long term growth strategies that reflect not only fiscal growth, but also improvements on customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as brand image. 
Cutting energy expenditure and improving energy management procedures is one of the safest and easiest ways to increase profitability.  Market figures shows that local branches can cut their energy cost by 10-50% depending on the level of investment and infrastructure changes applied. By reducing energy costs and providing streamlined and eco-friendly facility management, banks are also able to promote green initiatives and provide a comfortable environment for customers and staff, while preserving cash needed to maintain and improve efficiency ratios.

Our Solution

ePlanet delivers a powerful enterprise solution to multi-site retail banks, helping them strategically align people, processes, and technology with financial, operational, and environmental objectives. Our demand side energy management solutions help global and domestic retail banks address the multisite energy management challenges of virtually any size financial institution.  
Delivering granular visibility in real-time into energy usage and delivering a quick ROI, Utilizing the Panoramic Power’s demand side service solution ePlanet ensures effective energy management and cost savings.  Our solution includes non-intrusive wireless and self-powered sensors on a circuit level, coupled with cloud-based analytics that provide real-time data and actionable insight to significantly save time, reduce energy costs and mitigate risks.  Offering a holistic approach, customers can select to apply the solution for energy efficiency, operational efficiency, Demand Response or other demand-side energy services.


Key Benefits of Panoramic Power’s Demand Side Energy Management Solutions for Banking Retail 

  • Cut Costs, Expand Margins and Increase Profitability with Energy and Operational Efficiency
    Panoramic Power delivers real time energy waste alerts, optimized energy usage profiles and peak demand and preventative maintenance failure detection. Discover precisely where your energy expenditures are taxing your enterprise’s resources, at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy management systems.
  • Save Operational Costs with Preventative Maintenance and Operational Optimization
    Identify unseen problems and predict failures through real-time alerts, before they lead to thousands of dollars in wasted energy and/or equipment failures. Quickly determine when systems are not functioning properly to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste.
  • Generate Revenue with Demand Response Programs
    We provide rapid energy profiling and strategy planning, ability to reduce contract commitment risk and real time shedding validation.
  • Enhance Brand Reputation and Sustainability through Green Data
    Support your corporate social responsibility, maximize ROI of green initiatives and optimize sustainability programs.
  • Complete visibility into your energy consumption landscape using intuitive dashboard and automatic reporting and alerting tools                                          Our powerful reports and visualization templates optimize processes quality and compliance process performance, helping facilitate better decision-making across the enterprise.