Data Collection

Device Level Data Collection

Our Cost Effective Sensors

The Panoramic Power sensor series is made up of non-invasive, self-powered, miniature wireless current sensors. The sensors clamp on the electrical outgoing wire from the circuit breaker, harvesting the magnetic field as a power source for monitoring the flow of electricity and sending information back – wirelessly. Hundreds of sensors can be installed in a few hours with no disturbance of daily operations. Once installed, the sensors become part of the building infrastructure, never requiring maintenance, service or battery replacement.  

Features & Benefits

  • Non-invasive – miniature and snap fits on an electric hot-wire without disconnection 
  • No maintenance – self-powered (does not require battery)
  • High accuracy
  • Wireless connectivity – does not require wiring like standard CT-based monitoring systems
  • Wide current measurement range: 0-63A and 0-225A
  • Support both US and EU AC frequencies
  • Patent-pending technology that is only available through Panoramic Power





Our Bridge

The Panoramic Power Bridge series is responsible for receiving information from multiple sensors, processing it and routing the information to Panoramic Power`s advanced analytics in the cloud.


Features & Benefits

  • Monitor and communicate with hundreds of sensors in a harsh RF environment
  • Internet connectivity provided by Wi-Fi, Ethernet or cellular connections.
  • Plug and play installation
  • Compact size and low power consumption




Our deployment tools

Our software applications easily control and manage the installation process of hundreds of end points across multiple sites. These tools enable the unskilled electrician or technician to easily create sites and electrical panels and circuits within a site, associate the sensors with the physical devices and circuits, connect the bridge to the internet and diagnose deployment errors on the spot.

Collecting Data from Smart Meters and BAS

Our solution also enables users to easily collect data from existing systems such as network connected smart meters, data loggers or building automation systems (BAS). Many types of systems are supported; for more information please contact