Demand Side Energy Management Services for Multi-Site Organizations

Demand Side Services encompass a wide range of methods, processes, services and technologies to allow organizations to optimize energy usage vis-à-vis ever changing market conditions. Demand Side Energy Services are important to support an organization’s business goals by providing the data and visibility into the organizations entire energy value chain. There is true value and profit in reducing waste, improving efficiencies and tapping into your energy use for demand response programs.

Demand side services for highly dispersed small facilities

Demand Side Energy Management Services cover multiple value streams and enables organizations to leverage their energy portfolio as a strategic asset. These services not only help save companies money, they also help optimize consumer demand for energy. Until recently, the availability of demand side services for retail organizations with large numbers of highly dispersed facilities (5k to 50k sqft) has been limited and many challenges existed for existing energy technology manufacturers and energy services suppliers:
Each individual facility consume small energy loads and energy savings for an individual facility was considered relatively small.

  • Inaccuracies in the energy auditing process can have a significant impact on the potential ROI analysis.
  • Deployment costs using traditional technologies are high as:
    Current technologies are designed for large facilities with complicated building systems.
    Smaller facilities are located in smaller towns without local resources required to understand the technologies.
    The smaller facilities do not have established building management systems or networks to leverage.
    Small facilities do not have any experienced engineers in the facility to oversee and manage the installations.
  • M&V is required for each of the dispersed facilities.  Therefore, the total cost of M&V becomes a large percentage of the load the aggregated buildings represent.

Today, however, many best-in-class retail and commercial enterprises are further improving their top line revenue growth and protecting bottom line cost savings by managing energy costs and improving sustainability with enterprise demand side energy management solutions.