Other Industries

ePlanet is proud of its role in helping customers across a wide range of industries optimize their energy consumption, improve operational efficiency and generate income through load response programs.   From Fortune 500 brands, to boutique multi-site chains, organizations turn to ePlanet to reduce energy costs, mitigate regulatory exposure, streamline organizational processes and enhance corporate image and brand.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings consume more electricity than most other facilities. ePlanet’s Demand Side Management solutions help reduce commercial buildings’ energy costs significantly, helping you monitor, manage energy use across the enterprise. ePlanet helps you improve operations and maximize efficiency, while supporting your sustainability initiatives. Our demand response solutions help generate revenue and allow you to access new revenue streams through load response programs.

Government Buildings

Governmental and municipal buildings around the world can benefit from a strategic energy management approach that defines and sets energy savings and revenue generating goals that drive profits, reach across entire institutional building portfolios, and set in place energy practices. State and local governments can leverage these energy management frameworks, and in addition, governmental regulations and incentives can be used a strategic energy management approach to sustain and extend energy savings.
Governmental buildings across the nation use ePlanet’s organization-wide demand side energy management solutions. Through benchmarking and disclosure of energy consumption, to demand response programs, municipalities and federal buildings are reducing energy consumption, improving operational efficiencies and contributing to – and benefiting from - sustainability programs.


Healthcare Facilities

Energy use is not only one of the largest expenses for healthcare facilities, but energy and/or operations failure could be catastrophic to a healthcare facility. ePlanet not only helps identify energy savings and energy patterns/usage for hospitals and medical centers, we also help identify operational and maintenance needs before a major problem arises. At healthcare facilities, energy efficiency and operational efficiency help reduce rising energy costs at a time when budgets for healthcare facilities are scrutinized. In addition, our demand response enablement programs help hospitals and medical centers generate revenue by participating in energy programs.