Operational Efficiency

In today’s increasingly commoditized business environments, retail chains across a wide range of industries are continuously looking for ways to improve their bottom line and increase their competitive advantage. One way in which they can accomplish this is by boosting their operating efficiency methods. However, improving operational efficiencies is challenging, especially due to the increasing complexity of managing multiple remote and diverse operational environments. Implementing Energy Management Solutions is one way multi-site retail stores contribute to improving operational efficiency and lifecycle performance by managing, tracking and monitoring their equipment or sub-systems.

Our Solution

ePlanet helps enterprises manage their equipment, and the associated business processes in a standard, centralized platform across dispersed geographies. With ePlanet, customers are able to make improvements across all energy asset lifecycles. The visibility gained from Panoramic’s device-level energy intelligence platform helps improve operations and maintenance programs, increase labor efficiency and optimize maintenance contracts - ensuring less waste occurs, and more money is saved. Let ePlanet help you establish a formal corporate strategy that focuses on reducing overall operational costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Early detection of equipment failure: Avoid unexpected failures by detecting impending problems before a failure occurs, resulting in fewer failures and customer complaints.
  • Business process improvement: Achieve a higher effectiveness of planned maintenance activities that enables a more efficient use of staff resources. Track scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, improving inventory control and focus on preventive maintenance only when conditions warrant.
  • Preventative maintenance: Cut costs and improve productivity by identifying equipment failures ahead of time - eliminating unscheduled and expensive equipment downtime.
  • Measurement and Verification: Measure the outcome of maintenance or retrofit activities before and after they occur and use the inforamtion to prioritize maintenance activities and retrofits based on true business value.
  • Gain valuable operational insights: Receive granular visibility into operational insights that are specific to your industry, market and building type. Augment your security, process monitoring, working hours and employee behavior control with energy data that delivers unmatched information and insight.