Merchandise Retail

Energy Management Solutions for the Retail Industry

Energy is one of the largest and constantly increasing expenditure for retail companies worldwide. The rising energy costs, coupled with the need for streamlined processes make it increasingly critical to monitor, analyse and manage energy consumption.  Retailers are faced with a multitude of challenges in managing their energy consumption – ranging from a lack of understanding of how its energy consumption is distributed, expanding footprint, non-standardized store formats, aging energy infrastructure and unstable energy prices. This is coupled with the often overwhelming challenge of managing energy costs, procedures and site operations across hundreds of retail sites.

ePlanet helps customers across a wide range of merchandise retail industries optimize their energy consumption, improve operational efficiency and generate income through load response programs.   From Fortune 500 retail brands, to small multi-site chains, retail organizations turn to ePlanet for a holistic energy management strategy. The Demand Side Service offerings cover multiple value streams and enable retail organizations to leverage their energy portfolio as a strategic asset - improving top line revenue growth and protecting bottom line cost savings by managing energy costs and improving sustainability.

Smart Energy. Smart Business.

End-to-end Energy Management Solutions for Retail

The Panoramic Power’s Energy Performance Platform brings transparency to energy usage, saving your food service organization money. Only the Panoramic Power EMS offers real-time circuit-level energy measurement that gives you actionable analytics and monthly reports for more informed decision-making to reduce energy, maintenance and operation costs, and to improve facility performance.

With ePlanet, retail customers can:

  •  Cut Costs, Expand Margins and Increase Profitability with Energy and Operational Efficiency
    Panoramic Power delivers real time energy waste alerts, optimized energy usage profiles and peak demand and preventative maintenance failure detection. Discover precisely where your energy expenditures are taxing your enterprise’s resources, at a fraction of the cost of traditional energy management systems.
  •  Save Operational Costs with Preventative Maintenance and Operational Optimization
    Identify unseen problems and predict failures through real-time alerts, before they lead to thousands of dollars in wasted energy and/or equipment failures. Quickly determine when systems are not functioning properly to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste.
  •  Generate Revenue with Demand Response Programs
    We provide rapid energy profiling and strategy planning, ability to reduce contract commitment risk and real time shedding validation.
  •  Enhance Brand Reputation and Sustainability through Green Data
    Support your corporate social responsibility, maximize ROI of green initiatives and optimize sustainability programs.