Food Retail

Now more than ever, food retail, supermarkets and grocery stores are looking for ways to acheive greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs...

The industry is continuously expanding with new construction and extensive store remodeling, and it is essential to incorporate energy management and sustainable solutions that help improve the efficiency and operation of stores. Food retail has some of the most energy intensive buildings, with high refrigeration and HVAC costs that account for close to 70% of energy consumption. Technological, organizational and behavioral changes that result from energy management solutions help turn food retail organizations into profit centers. With Panoramic Power’s energy asset management systems, a 10 percent reduction in energy costs for the average supermarket can boost net profit margins by as much as 16 percent. Let ePlanet help you expand your profit margins while supporting your green and growth strategies.


Our Solution

Panoramic Power's wireless, self-powered sensors are engineered to allow rapid, non-invasive installation with no disturbance of daily operations. Once installed, the sensors become part of the building infrastructure, never requiring maintenance, service or battery replacement. ePlanet  helps you overcome the many challenges multi-site food service organizations face when looking at energy management solutions. ePlanet delivers the Panoramic Power solution, technology and services provide organizations with large numbers of highly dispersed, small facilities with a cost effective, easy to deploy solution that delivers unmatched visibility into each site’s energy landscape.


Key Benefits of ePlanet’s Demand Side Energy Management Solutions for Food  Retail

  •  Maximize saving in energy expenditure by monitoring the energy consumption of individual devices/assets to identify savings and inefficiencies
  •  Eliminate the high cost of spoiled food by detecting refrigeration malfunctions before they occur
  •  Promote behavior change by educating on-site staff on their energy consumption
  •  Overcome engineering issues, by using intuitive dashboard and automatic reporting and alerting tools
  •  Avoid unnecessary expenditure, by eliminating redundant M&V costs
  •  Take control of your stores’ energy and maintenance costs, and keep them under control