Demand Response

Demand Response (DR) programs enable energy consumers to actively participate in energy market programs, helping them capitalize on smart energy usage. By modifying their demand profiles at peak times, consumers help grid operators and utilities to reduce their operating cost. By enrolling into a demand response program, customers can enjoy a continuous revenue source that improves profit margins, as well as a funding source for other energy solutions such as energy efficiency and other green initiatives. Traditionally, demand response services were confined within the domain of very large single site energy consumers, but nowadays they are becoming more and more relevant for smaller entities, or entities that are formed by a large number of small sites such as retail chains.

The rapid growth in demand response programs and initiatives is a great opportunity for the market. The challenge is how to accomplish cost effectively and efficiently. Although the total curtailment potential is large, with each site of a multi-site retail chain, consuming a small amount of energy, running a DR program effectively can be difficult to manage. The ability to accurately characterize the load profile of each and every site, decide on the appropriate curtailment strategy, and manage the actual DR event requires a very granular, cost effective and centrally controlled solution.

Our Solution

Unleash the potential of new energy revenue streams

Utilizing Panoramic Power’s load level energy management technology, ePlanet provides an easy and affordable solution to plan and run a Demand Response program effectively across a large multi-site organization. Our non-invasive, self powered, real time wireless sensor technology is rapidly installed at the load level across many sites, without disruption to the business. Instantly, load profiles are created and load shedding simulations are uploaded to our cloud based analytics platform. This enables effective planning of load shedding strategies on a site by site basis, as well as at the individual load level. The result provides the right tools to enroll into a Demand Response program with increased confidence of the curtail able load both from the customer and the DR aggregator’s perspective. Once the program is activated, the solution effectively handles a Demand Response event via centralized control of the demand response message distribution and strategy to all the relevant stakeholders across the different sites. Our closed-loop solution also delivers post mortem analysis reports of the actual curtailed load.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant load profiling: Quickly obtain the load profile of each site at the individual load level, without disrupting business operation
  • Effective Demand Response Strategy Planning: Effectively plan your Demand Response event load shedding strategy based on granular, load level data from each site
  • Effective Demand Response Event Notifications: Real time notification and shedding plan distribution to stakeholders upon a DR event
  • Real time Demand Response Load Shedding Analysis: Real time feedback on the actual load shedding impact during a DR event
  • Post Mortem Analysis: Automatic detailed reports on actual load shedding post a DR event