With rising energy costs, an aging energy distribution infrastructure, increased environmental awareness and the evolution of energy related regulations - energy consumers in the demand size are looking for solutions to help them manage the above challenges.  There are a wide range of solutions available that claim to address the above challenges, but most of them have a high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). They require domain expertise, not often found within the skillset of the existing facilities staff. In addition, they demand a great deal of oversight and time. The problem resonates specifically in highly distributed multi-site organizations with centralized management and a small facilities or operations team responsible for the entire organization. What is needed is an integrated and self-managed and cost-effective solution that provides the necessary visibility into your energy landscape.


US Partner ePlanet delivers the Panoramic Power Demand Side Energy Solution

Enabling customers to acquire complete visibility into their operation’s energy usage to achieve informed, high-level decisions.

ePlanet, offers a one stop shop for demand side energy solutions. With our unique, affordable and easy to implement technology platform, we offer a wide range of solutions covering the full spectrum of demand side energy services for multi-site organizations. 

Our Solutions Include

  •  Energy Efficiency: Reduce energy consumption, energy expenses  and carbon footprint through real time, device level actionable energy insights and analytics
  •  Operational Efficiency: Use device level energy consumption data to reduce maintenance costs by preventative and predictive maintenance
  •  Demand Response: Gain the visibility needed to plan and enroll in demand response programs. Using rapid granular load profile data, we help you improve profit margins by generating revenue from load response programs.